Saturday, 21 April 2007

Busy Sunday morning

It's a beautiful Sunday morning but here I am, running all over the shop. Gee, this is worse than a work day.

0630hrs - Alarm clock goes off
0645hrs - Shower and have a cup of coffee
0700hrs - Drive from Choa Chu Kang to Bedok
0740hrs - Run with CH at East Coast Park
0815hrs - Finish running
0830hrs - Pump petrol at Caltex Frankel Road
0835hrs - Walk to Frankel Road 7-11 to buy stuff for YK's birthday. Sorry, no stock
0840hrs - Buy breakfast for SK at Frankel Road Kopitiam
0845hrs - Pick SK from Kembangan apartment
0900hrs - Swing by office to pick up my computer
0910hrs - Pop by Chai Chee 7-11 to find that stuff for YK. Also no stock
0915hrs - Stroll over to buy fried carrot cake for YK but stall not open
0920hrs - Drive to Bukit Batok
0945hrs - Drop SK off for tuition
1000hrs- Stop by Choa Chu Kang Kopitiam to buy fried carrot cake for YK.
1005hrs - Hop over to nearby 7-11. Also out of stock!
1010hrs - Swing by 7-11 at Choa Chu Kang. Yay, finally, I got it!
1020hrs - Home at last but YK already ate because he was too hungry
1021hrs - I eat YK's carrot cake breakfast
1045hrs - Blog and rest
1115hrs - Drive to Bukit Batok
1145hrs - Pick SK from tutor's house
1200hrs - Chill out at Upper Peirce Reservoir. Ahhhh, at last!


The Real Mother Hen said...

Wow! You're a real superwoman! If you live here with us, your schedule will be:
7am: wake-up
8am: breakfast
9am: order online instead of 7-11
12pm: lunch
1pm: blog
6pm: dinner
8pm: American Idol
9pm: Sleep!!! hehe :)

Blur Ting said...

Ha ha, that's my ideal lifestyle actually...but gotta wait until the kids grow up.