Sunday 22 April 2007


It’s 5.30pm on a Sunday evening. I’m chilling out with a bottle of Swedish Beer which I picked up from, where else but, Ikea. Smooth and bitter, it goes very well with the crunchy Indian snack I am munching on – Haldiram’s spicy blend of cashews, almonds, cucumber seeds and pulses.

I’ve just spent the late afternoon washing and waxing my Japanese car using the wonderful American Turtle Wax. Now I am pounding away on my IBM Thinkpad listening to the radio playing UK hits in the background. I turn on the Sanyo air-conditioner and pick up my Sony Ericsson to message my friend in Indonesia. I peer inside my refrigerator which is stocked with food and produce spanning across the world, from neighbouring countries, to faraway places like USA and all the countries in between.

Thanks to globalization and international trade, we are what we are today. In a small island like ours where we are almost totally reliant on imports, imagine what life is like if we are completely cut off from the world….

If you think about it, we have nothing to cheer about really…


Anonymous said...

I need a beer now too... cheers!
~ v

Unknown said...

Singapore is the model Dubai is basing itself on - so it was with a knowing grin that I read this post! Cheers!