Tuesday 10 April 2007

Thanks for the feedback

Thanks to my friend's feedback, I have come to realise that reading my blog can be a strain on your eyes. With a slightly bigger font now, I hope it's easier for everyone's reading pleasure.

When I was in graphic design eons ago, my older customers were always telling me to increase the font size of their brochures or newsletters. Back then, the designers were always more concerned about aesthetics. We would go into long arguments about how the looks and feel would be compromised when larger fonts were used.

In the end, we often had to find the right balance to please everybody. Years later, I can finally empathise with the older folks. I won't admit that I am old but I am certainly not as argumentative as before, though I must admit that we often take our youth (and good eyesight) for granted.

Remember, always put yourself in other people's shoes...


Unknown said...

Hi. Thanks for our kind remark.
I so identify with the font business. I used to be in advertising I was into writing not graphic design but we used to work as a team. Both the Art and Creative department worked together with inputs into each others fields without any resentment from eiher quarter.
I remember the frustration when the client would ask to change something which was perfect in our eyes.
Most of the times it was just so annoying bt later some of it would make sense.
Aesthtics aside people must get your message!

Anonymous said...

If the type on a web page is too small, just adjust the font size by hitting Ctrl+

More people should learn this instad of rely on the blogger to change it. Welcome to the new media people!

- C

Blur Ting said...

Thanks C! It works! Amazing!

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