Sunday 1 April 2007

That's what friends are for

I’m always telling people to look on the bright side and stay positive. Well, there are days when I need a good kick in the butt myself.

While I was moaning about my injured toe, my best friend said. “You should feel lucky you didn’t break your teeth when you fell!” You’re right, an ugly toe is anytime better than a toothless smile. It’s time to snap out of this self-pity. CH is always too indulgent to ask me to shut up, only my best friend has the clout to tell me off.

She just did so on Saturday morning. I was telling her how I accidentally kicked my sore toe (again) on Friday night and how the impact had left the damaged nail hanging off the nail bed.

Best Friend : You mean you haven’t gone to the doctor? You should have removed it the very day you fell!
Me : Too painful. Think I’ll go on Monday.
BF: Monday? You should go right now! Go get it done once and for all.
Me : Okay…. (went on to examine and fiddle with the toe)

After a botched attempt to remove the nail, and reeling from the fall in the bathroom (while showering with one leg propped up, I slipped and landed on my bum) I decided it’s time to visit the doctor and put an end to this curse!

Now, my doctor is a real gungho lady.
Dr : It’s dangling. You can remove it yourself what?
Me : Scared. Too painful….yeooow, what was that?!
In one swift swipe, she had ripped it off the nail bed before I had time to say OUCH!
Dr : Gotta be quick, or else it'll hurt even more.

While she was cleaning and dressing the wound, she launched into a tirade of how stressed up she is over coaching her three young kids, her hectic schedule, blah blah..

I sat there wincing in pain, listening to her let off steam like an old friend. After venting, she softened and started telling me how smart and sweet her kids are, her eyes glistening and face beaming with pride.

As she wrapped up the toe, she said “Here, it’s all done now. Look, the new nail is already starting to grow.”
Me : Will it grow out beautifully like before?
Dr : Of course it will.

That was so assuring. I left the clinic grinning from ear to ear. Glad that all my teeth are intact and my toe's on the road to recovery.


The Real Mother Hen said...

Ok I didn't have the heart to tell you this, but it's time... the truth is, it will never grow to be as beautiful as the "original"... I know because I suffered the same fate when I was about 12 years old :( Being naughty caused me a toe-nail, and guess what, it did grow, but somehow it isn't as good looking leh! In fact it's quite ugly and feels like an "odd" siblings to the other 9 toe-nails. Or maybe I'm too vain? hehe :)

Blur Ting said...

That's what most people tell me...but I am always hopeful like that. Never mind, it it doesn't look nice, then have to live with it.

I told CH, 'me soretoe'. He said if you had 'me siam', then you wouldn't have 'me soretoe'. so witty right?

Anonymous said...

Ok one day when we go back to SIN, we plan to open a food store called Ah Moh's cooking, and "me soretoe" will be our specialty :)