Friday, 20 April 2007

Dinner at Sunset Grill

It’s no surprise that we ended up at Sunset Grill for dinner last night. Who knows how much longer it’s going to be there? Many others probably shared the same sentiment for the entire al fresco section was full. To think that this place, infamous for being the most inaccessible eatery in Singapore, was fully booked at 7pm on a Friday night!

Outdoor dining at Sunset Grill means sitting on mismatched chairs and tables under the huge tree with twinkle lights. To me, an old swing in the slightly disheveled garden and the couple of mongrels hanging around added to the charm of the place. Sipping beer, watching kids running barefoot in the yard and the small planes taking off in the airfield bring casual dining to new heights.

I can never decide what to order when everything in the menu is calling out to me. By now, everyone knows that the owner Jerry started Jerry's BBQ & Grill in Jalan Kayu, then Buckaroo near Sembawang Park before starting out Sunset Grill in Seletar. So the menus are somewhat similar.

Mushrooms fried in batter, buffalo wings in hot sauce, deep fried shrimps in batter, chilli con carne, calamari, tacos, pork ribs, steak, pasta, salads, brownie served with ice cream…. I want them all!

We finally settled on mussels cooked in white sauce, buffalo wings and Waldorf salad (cos CH said must include some vegetables in our diet). The salad arrived first (duh!) and kept us occupied until the wings came. They must be selling lots of wings for every table ordered a platter of these. You can buy half or a dozen, in various degree of spiciness (grade 1 to 10). Fried to perfection, then smothered in hot sauce, they are served with celery and carrots sticks and a cheese dip on the side. It’s strange how most people eat these finger licking wings using a fork and knife. I find they are best eaten with your fingers… just grip the wings, chew off the chunky meat and lick up every bit of tangy sauce on your fingers. Yes, the wings are that chunky and quite a meal in itself.

The succulent mussels cooked in a creamy white sauce was yummy. I love mussels cooked in any style. This was just perfect especially when you dip the freshly made pieces of garlic toast in the garlicky sauce!

Service was swift and efficient. Dishes were cleared away quickly. If we had lingered any longer, they would have swept us out of there too.

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