Friday 28 September 2007

Friday night out

So, how did my Friday night pan out?

Well, the sun was still shining when I got home from work. I even managed to take a picture of the water lily in my garden. After a quick change of clothes, I left the house in high spirits.

The usual Friday evening traffic was so smooth, I couldn't believe my luck. Friday night was looking good until I saw the dark clouds in the distance. I was heading into the rain zone, straight into a huge jam. C.H. messaged to say the Italian restaurant that we chose was fully booked. Damn! The other one, Wild Rocket, was also fully booked.

It was pouring and traffic had almost come to a standstill. I sat there, drumming my fingers on the dashboard, chiding myself. When things are going well, it's taboo to keep saying it because it will only go downhill.

When I finally got to his office, it was still raining, we were starving, and it would be silly to drive through bad traffic in search of a nice restaurant. So, our quick decision to have dinner at the coffee shop nearby turned out well... simple, good comfort food without the frills.

The rain stopped. We drove into town. Walked around and decided to stop by the famous Rochor dessert stall for soymilk and fritters. The place was filled with young energetic people half our age. After stuffing themselves with nourishing food, they were going to party the night away.

We, on the other hand, were so damn tired, we went straight home to bed.


Anonymous said...

You are amazing! I came back to comment on your happy dance post (because blogger wouldn't let me do it this afternoon) and you have another post already!

Thank you for your well wishes, we are all feeling better now :)

Happy weekend!

The Real Mother Hen said...

I know how much you look foward to Friday night, and I'm so sorry to hear that this one just didn't work out well.
You know something, I read in Straits Times before that restaurants have better business on Fri night than on Sat night.
So, will you consider changing it to Sat night?

Blur Ting said...

Heh, heh. Cannot leh. Saturday nights are family nights when my brothers come home for dinner.

Our fridays are ok, just that it rained so hard yesterday. We still had fun. It's the company :-)

Anonymous said...

hmmm but hey...simple is times... glad you got to go out anyways!

Amel said...

LOVE the waterlily pic!

Sorry about the traffic and the rain. Glad you had some nourishing food after all!!!

Going straight home to bed sounds GOOD to me as I'm a sleepyhead hi hi hi...

Anonymous said...

You know, Blur, its nights/shared experiences like that that become the most romantic memories. AND they are the glue that holds relationships together.

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