Friday, 14 September 2007

Wonderful birthday!

As usual, CH planned the perfect birthday any girl could wish for....It actually makes me look forward to growing a year older. I'm especially touched he took the day off to spend it with me.
We had dinner at Indulgz, a lifestyle boutique bistro which serves European Cuisine with an Oriental touch.
For starters, we had the excellent Indulgz’s Lobster Bisque with Crabmeat Soup and their all time best seller, the deep-fried Camembert Cheese with mixed berry compote which also didn't disappoint. I ordered the Portobello burger - hand-minced chicken patty & browned onion sandwiched between 2 portobello mushrooms. CH had the char-grilled Ribeye Steak which stayed succulent and tender throughout the entire meal.
We walked out of Indulgz to see the DHL hot air balloon descending. The red and yellow striped balloon ascends 150m from the ground for a spectacular view of Singapore’s cityscape.

I was intrigued to see an "Egg Storey Centre' around the vicinity which houses the Egg Story Digital Arts Academy.
The colourful flags fluttering in the wind at our National Library made me think of guppies swimming about.

More photos of the National library while we were taking shelter from the rain.

Work-in-progress. Rebuilding of a shophouse.

We bought my favourite mooncake- walnut with white lotus paste. Mooncake is a Chinese pastry traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Most mooncakes are baked and consist of a thin tender skin enveloping a sweet and slightly oily filling. The mooncake may contain one or more whole salted egg yolks in its center to symbolize the full moon. The saltiness of the yolk balances well with the sweet filling in the mooncake.

Since Rusty's born on 1 Sept 03, he received a present too! It's a new bed. Let's hope he'll stop sleeping on mine.


Anonymous said...

And I want to have many more. Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

Aw, what a great guy. You are so blessed, Blur, and deservedly so.

As for the Rusty-pup. Dream on about him not sleeping on your bed anymore. I'm sure he'll take full advantage of the new one too, though.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday - hope you have an absolutely perfect year.
When is your birthdate?
I'm a Libran as well!

Blur Ting said...

Yes Holly. He is. I'm really blessed :-). You'll find your partner soon.

RM, I'm a virgoen, born on 15 sept. Thanks for your best wishes and I hope you have a wonderful (upcoming) birthday too!

Anonymous said...

wow what a sweet guy you got there! now i wish mine would do the same... forgot to train him in that department... boo hoo... yeah rusty on his OWN bed??? hmmm I think ya got another THINK coming... but yeah let's hope he likes it!

Anonymous said...

Now I'm embarrassed. I didn't do all that much, really.