Thursday 13 September 2007


I spent the morning with mum at the hospital. In preparation for her radiotherapy treatment next Friday, she was back to do another MRI and CT scan. This is to allow the therapist to plan how the beams should be directed at the tumour.

Though lots of efforts have been made to make the hospital look nice and cheery, you can't deny the fact that it isn't the happiest place to be at. It's sad to see patients being pushed about in wheelchairs or stretcher-beds. Any person dressed in hospital gown looks vulnerable and sick.

I always spend my hours in the waiting room people watching and face-matching. I notice that mostly the daughters bring their mother for treatment while men tend to accompany their father. It's also interesting to see how they look like a carbon-copy of their parents, albeit a younger version. Sitting there, I often wonder who would push me around in a wheelchair when I become old and weak. See, the hospital is such a depressing place.

On a happier note, CH is celebrating my birthday tonight. We’re having a big night out! I wonder what surprises he has in store….


Anonymous said...

Let's hope it's a good romantic one!!!!

The Real Mother Hen said...

I will push your wheelchairs Ting, and you can kick mine around too :)
Honestly I'm afraid of getting old. I'm afraid that I'll be like "kid" again, being "funny" - the ungraceful way and not able to recognize it.

Blur Ting said...

Thanks MH. I know I can count on you :-)

It's funny when I think about it. When we were little, our parents held our hands and guided us but now that we're all grown up, the role has reversed. Now it's my turn to hold mum's hand when we walk or cross roads.

Yup JY! CH really splurged on my birthday last night...a nice romantic dinner and he got me a sports watch so that I can wear it when I go running.

Anonymous said...

I have a close friend who battled colon cancer. She won and has been cancer free for five years now. I remember sitting with her in the hospital during her "long days" of chemotherapy. There is just no getting around the stark and sterile feel of a hospital.

The World According To Me said...

I hope you had a great night out and it cheered you up after the hospital visit. Not the nicest places are they.