Thursday, 27 September 2007

Missing in action

Yes, I know. I've been so quiet today... I was running all over the place, like

I was bouncing between the schools, my office, hospital, pharmacy, shipyard, container yard ... driving around in the stormy weather. As if not crazy enough, I even saw a chain collision happen right before my eyes while driving home. Then, three motorbikes skidded and crashed just before me, while trying to avoid the vehicle pile up. Thank God, nobody was really injured.... just lots of unhappy faces in the rain.

Oh man, what a day! Hope yours isn't as crazy as mine.


The World According To Me said...

Hi Crazy Cow Girl!

Don't like the sound of the collision. Sounds serious?
You have been all over the place today!

I've had a non crazy kind of day sitting at my desk and staring at advertisements.
Out for a few drinks tonight, so hoping things will go crazy then! But a nice crazy.

Blur Ting said...

Hi World, have a nice crazy night out! like 'wild' crazy :-)

Anonymous said...

What a day! Certainly beats mine. Max and I have been home for two days, nursing a cold. sniff.

Anonymous said...

Hey cow girl

busy but dont get crazy on us! cheers...

Unknown said...

Been a very lazy quiet day for me!

Amel said...

Oh dear...I'm glad nobody got hurt in the collision.

Anyway, I LOVE your cowgirl pic!!! ;-D