Thursday 18 October 2007

Friday roundup

This has been a rather eventful week which started with a visit to the hospital on Monday morning when I brought mum for her check-up. She's on the road to recovery, though it would be about 6 months before the doctors can really tell if the treatment has been successful.
My little baby niece was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday morning for breathing difficulties and C.H. was admitted later in the day for a sports injury. I saw so many young doctors in the hospital ward... if I had a stethoscope round my neck, I may pass off as one too, likely a senior consultant because of my age. :-)

What's up doc? Maybe Ting will become a real doctor some day.
Both of them were discharged on Wednesday. Baby is doing well now though C.H. is still recuperating and hobbling about. My god-daughter turned one on Wednesday too. Yup, I'm a godma to my friend's daughter.

My god-daughter, Ee Hui.

Thursday morning - I went for my flu shot. Good news is, my blood pressure is lower now (though still borderline high) and doctor recommended a blood test to check the glucose and cholesterol level. The kids' examination results are out and I am happy with their performance. They did well, especially in their favourite subjects.
This weekend, starting from today, is going to be a jam-packed one. This afternoon, we'll be helping the wedding couple at the banquet and photoshoot at Chijmes which has a restored chapel that provides a breath-taking backdrop for weddings. Formerly one of the last few cloistered convents in the world, the fine gothic architecture is a favourite theme among photographers.
Thereafter, we'll proceed to the banquet hall at Carlton Hotel which opens up to a garden terrace and pavilion by the pool. Oh, so romantic! I promise to take lots of photos. Dinner will be Cantonese cuisine by Wah Lok Restaurant. I probably won't be taking photos of the dishes but from the food tasting session last week, the food was really first class. We'll be served roasted meats (duck, chicken, pork, suckling pig) that the Cantonese are so famous for, seafood (succulent prawn cooked lightly in a spicy batter, fried whole garupa fish, abalone etc), vegetables, longetivity noodles and a cold dessert.
On Saturday, the kids and I will be at my best friend's house to attend her son's birthday party. C.H. may hobble along if he feels better.
Sunday morning will find me at the Great Eastern (all-women) 10k run. I haven't been training at all for the past two months, I just hope I don't pass out during the race. Wish me luck!
That's all folks!


Anonymous said...

busy woman with a life! i still gotta figure out my plans... if hoo...

Unknown said...

busy weekend! lemisee what's on my list...hmmm...library...lunch at my sister's...did I say library?

Unknown said...

sending well wishes to C.H.
wishing him a speedy recovery!

J@n!ce said...

No plans for me this weekend yet... Hubs not at home seems everything is uncertain !!

Hope your mom & CH is getting better?

All the best to your Sunday run. You go girl, I'm proud of you :)

Janice Ng

Michelle said...

You have had a busy time! It's really weird how many people seem to have had health problems this year.

Your god daughter is so CUTE! What a face. Like a cherub. :-)

Amel said...

GOOD LUCK with the marathon!!!!!!!!

The food you mentioned sounds SO YUMMY!!! Me want some, too. I LOVE roasted duck he he he...

ENJOY the weekeeennnndddd!!!!!!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Sounds like the weekend of a superwoman :)

SOUL said...

i had to stop at the succulent prawn !!! i'm stahvin!
glad everyone is doing well- or getting better.
hope you have a great weekend.
eat lotsa yummy stuff for me!

The World According To Me said...

Glad your mum is making a good recovery.
Good luck with the marathon, and I look forward to seeing pictures of your weekend.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad things seem to be moving forward well for you and your family health-wise. I got my flu shot this week too. It always feels so weird to allow someone to inject even the smallest amount of a virus into me. Ick!

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