Sunday 14 October 2007

Sailing... take me away...

It was sunny and breezy all day... just perfect for sailing. We learned how to tie knots in the morning - from the simple figure of eight knot to the bowline, reef knot and some hitches. After lunch, we were taught the proper way to rig the toppers before launching them out to sea.

Ensuring all the riggings are properly tied.

One for the road, before launching our topper in the water.

Sailing away....

... and further away into the open sea, where the water was quite choppy. After two hours out in the sea, I became sea-sick and returned to the shore while the rest carried on for another couple of hours.

After our lesson, we went for a drink at the bar on the second level which offers a lovely view of the marina and the sea.

With my friend Licia and our instructor.

As the yacht club is in the west, you always get the most fantastic sunset here!


SOUL said...

we went on our boat tooooo. aint life grand?

i love the palm trees. i wanna live somewhere tropical someday.

ahhhh (sigh)

happy sunday..errr uh.. monday! whatever day. :))

The Real Mother Hen said...

Oh yesterday I was just thinking, if I were to sail, I would probably throw up enough food to feed the entire population of sharks! :") You lasted a few hours friend, you are brave :)

Unknown said...

looks like a lot of fun! (^o^)

Blur Ting said...

Oh yah, Soul! You have a boat. you can got sailing everyday! :-)

MH - you know what? I felt terrible yesterday, I stood at the jetty and threw up my lunch! I hate that feeling. Today when I brought mum to the hospital, my mum (who has a history of dizziness) told the doc she's feeling more dizzy than ever. The doc said motion sickness runs in the family. Now I know why I get car sick, sea sick, and all kinds of motion sickness. Arghh, I am going to retire from sailing.

Seagrape - it always look frun from the photos. Well, I enjoyed the classroom theory lessons the most. And the sunshine :-)
But not the sea sickness. Yucky!

J@n!ce said...

What a cool sports. I love the sea too, but hardly got chance to do all this stuff now. Nice pictures of you :)

Janice Ng

The World According To Me said...


Great pics. Glad the sun was shining for you. Sorry to hear about the sea sickness, I fully sympathise as I have suffered from this many times in the past. It aint much fun!

Anonymous said...

eeew blur..that is bad... too bad..i must be the world's numbest person...nothing seems to effect me.. lucky? or a curse?

Blur Ting said...

Oh Janice, you can do it, together with your boys when they're older.

World - You know that horrible feeling... eww

Lucky you JY, it's a blessing of course! You don't want to be sick I tell ya!

SOUL said...

every day? that would be a bit much..but fun maybe. (we have a bass boat)
my dad used to have a sail boat.
have a great night. or day. hell, i cant keep track.

Amel said...

NICE pics as usualllll...

I'm afraid of boating, though. Sea-sickness!!! UUUGGGHHH!!!!