Tuesday 30 October 2007

Secret stash

Can you believe it? It's only the second day of the school holidays and I have already made so many trips to the supermarket. We have a black hole somewhere, the food just disappears so quickly.
YK called me at the office today, "Can you buy some food? There's absolutely nothing to eat at home!"
How is that possible? There are loads of cereal, fruits, nuts and other frozen food in the refrigerators (we have 3) and he's telling me there's nothing to eat?
So I went to the supermarket again and came home carrying bags laden with lettuce and canned tuna for making sandwiches, canned soup (in mushroom, clam chowder, corn and chicken flavours), fresh mushrooms, pasta sauce, cup noodles, fruity yoghurt, Jello, soymilk, ice lollies, fresh plums, corn flakes, mini Oreos, Pringles, Twisties and ice cream.
But I have a plan. If I display everything in the kitchen, they'll be gone in no time at all. So I'll hide some of the snacks in the garage cabinets, where I stash away the old magazines and gardening stuff. Heh heh, the boys will never know I have goodies in there. Shhh...

garage cabinets


Anonymous said...

yeah except for the fresh veggies...it all sounded pretty snacky! okay..I will go to your house and STEAL it!

Amel said...

Clever plan!!!! Teens! I remember my Mom said that teens LOVED to eat he he he he...

Anonymous said...

Well they are growing up so gotta feed them :)
In my case, I usually hide the wine so husband can't find them

SOUL said...

geesh you know it sounds like ,my place. i never can keep anything in this place either.
btw.. i'm stahvin!

Unknown said...

i'll keep this in mind when my children are in their teens. right now, they are at the stage where they forget to eat!

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