Monday 15 October 2007

Whirlwind shopper

Just to give you an idea of how unpredictable our tropical weather is... it was sunny when I parked my car at the open carpark. I took a short walk to the bank under the scorching heat. Since I finished early, I decided to pop into the CD shop to get a new CD for YK.
Without any warning, it began raining cats and dogs. With no umbrella, I had to hang around in the mall. Naturally, I went shopping. After trying several outfits at Isetan, I found nothing spectacular.
Still raining... So, Esprit was next. I managed to get 2 new t-shirts for the kids. Just as I was about to leave the store, a cute little pleated skirt caught my eye. It's marked down too. I had to buy it.
Then I wandered into Marks & Spencer and fell in love with a nice black top that would match my new pleated skirt. But it clung too tightly to my belly.... I was sad to leave it behind. Maybe it'll fit better after my banana diet but heck, I'm sick of bananas! So, I bought a jar of raspberry jam.

I'm not sharing my banana! If only I love bananas so much....

The raspberry jam and pleated skirt from Esprit.

The colourful ethnic dresses in 'Fond' caught my eye. Maybe I can find a new outfit to wear for the wedding dinner this friday. The sales lady's enthusiasm was quite infectious. She brought out some marvelous outfits for me to try and I ended up buying one blouse and 4 skirts. I found a white shirt for YK and even signed up as a VIP member for life which means I can come back and spend more money.

That's enough damage done within a short time, I had to get out of the mall! Thankfully, the rain had stopped.


Anonymous said... is good for a girl's soul! ha!

Anonymous said...

Show us photos of you in the new outfits!

The World According To Me said...

Sounds like you done well with the new clothes! Are you glad it rained now?! I love buying and wearing new clothes.
Enjoy your jam!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Moral of the lesson is - always park your car in a weather-proof parking garage :)
You know what, I haven't bought any outfit for 2 years (liao) :)

Unknown said...

blame it on the rain ;)
whatever you do
don't put the blame on you
blame it on the rain yeah, yeah
i can't believe i am quoting a milli vanilli song...god i feel so old.

J@n!ce said...

The rain not only can cause damage to the environment, but also to your wallet. That's a lot for a day. However, so long as you are happy. Once in a while is ok. hehe... so don't pop into a shopping complex next time on a rainy day. A cafe would be better !!

I've tagged you, dear :)

Janice Ng

Blur Ting said...

Yah, yesterday I was in Orchard Road (the shopping district in Singapore) and I remember what you all said... so I didn't duck into any stores :-)
Well, it wasn't raining too, so no reason to linger around in the mall.

Anonymous said...

When I was walking home from work on Thursday, I was caught in what can only be described as a squall - even though I was on dry land. Without warning, the sky opened up, pea sized hail started plummeting, and the wind picked up to a frightening speed. It was almost tornado like. I grabbed my umbrella out of my bag, but the wind was so strong it actually bent the metal frame. I ducked under an awning on the side of a building. Weather is so freaky anymore. I'm glad you were able to make good use of the time you were waiting it out! ;)