Saturday 6 October 2007

The saga of 3 dogs

Rusty and Cookie


As you all know, I have two dogs at home....well, actually three. The third dog, Russell, is a stray that hangs around our premises and dad decided to keep him as a pet. Being the last to join the brood, he gets growled at alot by the other two dogs, especially Rusty.

Cookie is like the big-brother who looks out for the other dogs all the time. It's fun to watch the camaraderie amongst them but when it comes to meal time, it's a different story. Rusty would growl at Russell, warning him to stay away. Cookie always allow Rusty to start eating first before joining in the feast. Russell will be the last to eat.

When Rusty was sick yesterday, Cookie started acting very flustered and concerned. He didn't even eat his favourite food this morning. When the pet taxi pulled up in the garage, Cookie, in an unusual display of affection and vigour, ran towards the pet taxi driver (Michael), wagging his tail furiously, as if telling Michael to "Hurry, please take Rusty to the vet asap!"

Rusty, who had been lying weakly in the house since last night, suddenly got up, mustered enough strength to walk towards Michael, as if he knows he's going to the vet. When Michael took Rusty away, Cookie stood at the porch, looking wistfully as the van drove off.

Russell, on the other hand, snuck up to the food bowl and gobbled up Cookie and Rusty's food right away.


Anonymous said...

When the boss is away, eat up!

Amel said...

This is such an INTERESTING pet story!!! Hey, I didn't know that there are PET taxis!!! COOL ideas!!!

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