Wednesday 10 December 2008

Back on track

I'm back to work and back to a simple diet again. All the rich food I had been ingesting all week has taken a toll on my body. My skirt can no longer swivel around the waist. I roasted some sweet potatoes and pumpkin for breakfast and lunch today which filled my car with fragrant smells on the way to work.

I'm glad I don't suffer from jet lag this time round though I've been finding it a little tough to get out of bed early in the morning. I'm up to date with the laundry and housework but sadly on the business front, I don't hear the cash register ringing often enough.

Typically we would return from a business trip like this with some contracts in hand and lots of following up to. However this time round, most people in dark suits were huddled together peering into a bottomless pit, searching for the light at the end of the tunnel.

I was watchful of my expenses during the trip and spent only on food and transport. A one-hour journey on a train in UK (one way from Bath to Reading) costs GBP33 (almost US$50). It only cost us US$1.30 to travel from one end to another in Singapore, which takes about an hour.

It's good to be back in Singapore where things are much more affordable. During the good years, it was a joy to be able to buy little trinklets and souvenirs without restrain. Somehow, material goods don't appeal to me anymore.

My best friend is bringing her kids, parents and mother in law to Japan for their annual vacation. Her parents had suggested that they should cancel the holiday in light of the economic situation but her husband insists on giving the parents a treat since they can still afford it. He's such a good man and a filial son.

Afterall, it is money well spent, especially when it brings the family closer. Such opportunities do not last a lifetime. I can't even travel with my mum anymore even though I would love to.

Anyway, some good things did happen while I was away. My best friend and hubby completed their first marathon (42km) which they trained very hard for. My aunt Rosemary completed hers too even though she didn't have time to train this time round. Water Learner accomplished her dream of running a half marathon. CH finally rented his house out. The kids and dog survived the week. Yah, it was a good week.


Anonymous said...

Too bad some of the fish didn't make it.

Blur Ting said...

Yah, the 2 butterfly fish are so delicate. One shrimp died as well.

The World According To Me said...

It has been a good week! Well done to all the runners.
Shame about the fish though.

WaterLearner said...

Thanks for show-casing my half marathon dream here :-). Back on track huh.

Life is pretty slow and easy now that I am back to office. Year end is typically so. Office is always quieter with people away clearing leave.

WaterLearner said...

I saw the pictures put up by CH. Your best friend and her hubs looking strong even at the East Coast Stretch. Wow .. I wonder when I can do a full marathon.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Home sweet home is still the best place on earth :)

Amel said...

Speaking of tight clothing, I have been refraining myself from exercising due to sprained muscle. I tried exercising on Monday, but it only made it worse, so I decide to take another break until I'm sure it's all good he he...

LOVE all the GOOD news!!! Sorry to hear about the bad news from the business part. Hopefully next year will be better!

And it's VERY true when it comes to money spent by your best friend. I was SO glad I sent my parents away to Sgp while they were still in good health, so they could enjoy it fully. :-))))

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