Sunday 28 December 2008

Monday blues

It's the last Monday of the year and it's been raining since I got up. I'm still stuck at home. Rusty is waiting to be walked. The kids are still sleeping. Suddenly I miss my best friend. I wonder if she's back from Japan? I hope she isn't stuck in Hokkaido. I read about the avalanche warnings. Christmas wasn't the same without her around. I'll send her a message to see if she can come by for lunch before the year ends.

It looks like another quiet way to end the year. Like most years, our industry grinds to a halt during this period. We've got to get it moving again quickly. My livelihood depends on it!

Oh, best friend has just replied. They got back yesterday. It had been 'fun' running after 2 kids, her parents and mother-in-law during the 2 weeks in Japan. The hardest part, she said, was getting the old and the young to wear layers and layers before stepping out into the cold. What she needs is probably a spa holiday with me!

The good thing is, they're coming over for lunch on new year's day! I'll start cracking on what to cook. A new year's party sounds like the perfect way to start the new year!

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The World According To Me said...

I hope the Monday blues have disappeared.

A new years party sounds a cracking good way to spend the new year!