Tuesday 16 December 2008

Rojak post

Since I am craving for rojak (a fruit salad with a sweet tangy sauce, topped with chopped roasted peanuts), I shall make a rojak (messy mixture) post today.

I'm leaving the office soon to pick mum up for her dental appointment. It's a 2-hour root canal treatment which means I can hop over to Borders nearby to read about vegetable growing. If time permits, I may pop in Tangs Studio to look at baking accessories too. The stores along Orchard Road must be all dressed up with Christmas trees and decorations now.

Mum has a MRI scan this Friday at the hospital and another dental appointment next Friday. That should round up her doctors visit for this year. But her first appointment in 2009 begins on 2 January 2009!

YK has a lunch appointment with his friends this afternoon. He's a lucky chap who meets his friends for movies and meals weekly. SK, who is 2.5 years younger, is still not as outgoing as him. Though they are the same height now, he's not as savvy as his older brother and relies on me to bring him about. He needs a new pair of glasses badly and I should bring him to the optician in a day or two. Maybe I can treat him to lunch at Thai Express too.

Until now, I still can't decipher all my dreams. Well, I dream every night. On some days, what I encounter during the day manifests in my dreams at night. But last night's dream was quite puzzling.

I was part of an entourage in a funeral involving an influential muslim woman. She could even be part of a royal family as the funeral procession was a grand and pompous affair. I was leading a large group of people, banging on a drum as we moved slowly and entered a mosque with high ceiling and elaborate fittings. That was a rather disturbing dream.

Anyway, I'm slowly clearing my list of things to do before the year finally comes to a close. I finally bought the school books for SK on the way to work this morning. I have also made an appointment to send my car in for servicing. Next week, I should get SK a new set of school uniform. He'll be wearing long pants next year. I haven't bought a single Christmas present this year. I'm planning to do away with gift exchange due to the depressed economy. Maybe I'll get little gifts for the little ones if I come across anything interesting.

That's my rojak post for today. It doesn't satiate my craving for rojak. I'm sure I'll eat it soon.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the rojak post. By the sounds of your description..yummy! Yeah..being here...we're lucky that we really don't celebrate Christmas...cuts down on costs! (scrooge yep...)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I crave for rojak too but yet to find a store here that sells it :(
I think you have too much in your mind to have all those strange dreams, maybe try listening to relaxing music and do a bit of meditation before going to bed might help?

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