Thursday 25 December 2008

Ponggol Beach

The day is almost over and I'm pleased to say that we've accomplished all that we had set out to do today. I walked to the hardware store and bought myself a small saw to cut down the tall bamboo plants in the patio that had been shedding leaves all over my garden and into my neighbour's patio everyday. They're too huge to be taken away, I had to cut them down. While sawing away, my neighbour was sweeping his yard. I could almost hear a huge sigh of relieve!

While YK was over at his friend's place, SK and I went back to my parent's house to pick up a fish tank. On the way home, SK bought a stripey crayfish from the fish farm nearby. We got back, I put a pizza in the oven and started clearing the debris in the garden while SK busied himeslf with his aquarium. There were bamboo leaves and branches everywhere, it took me a long time to put them away.

After a quick lunch of pizza, we set off to Ponggol Beach. SK was rather disappointed he couldn't see anything interesting today. Even though Singapore is an island, our beaches are rather unexciting. The Ponggol shore is rocky and polluted. The tide was out and when we arrived but we found nothing except crabs in the rock pools.

The rocks are covered with small green mussels.

Look at the mussels!

SK was trying to show Rusty a crab hiding under the rock.

Can you see one between the rocks?

There were some slug like creatures too. They're so good at camouflaging.

Sniffing around.

A dead horse shoe crab.

There are lots of debris along the beach. See the plastic basket?

On the way back to the car.


fishwithoutbicycle said...

Merry Christmas Blur Ting. Hope you had fun at the beach :-) Fish xx

The Real Mother Hen said...

Merry Christmas :)
Oh yes, you have any Chinese horoscope for next year? :)

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