Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas

It's nice waking up to fine weather on Christmas Day. The sun is not even shining, the sky is overcast but at least the weather's pleasantly cool.

YK has a Christmas lunch party to attend and I've promised to bring SK to the beach, so everyone's up early. Rusty has been fed and is now waiting for me to bring him out. Let's hope the weather stays this way so our trip to be beach will not be marred.

It has been years since we've been to the beach. SK loves the sand and sea since young. Seeing YK's marine tank has also rekindled his interest in keeping a tank. He's now planning on keeping crabs and crayfish again. For years, he had several tanks while we were living at the farm. We'll probably swing by there today to bring a tank home.

Now that Rusty is living with us, we're also limited by the places we can go. We can't bring him to the mall, restaurants or food centres. So a trip to the beach and park sounds like a perfect place for everyone.

Meanwhile, here's wishing all my friends around the world a very Merry Christmas!


Trinity said...

Everyday God thinks of you...
Every hour God looks after you,
Every minute God cares for you
Because every second He loves you!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Ting!

Anonymous said...

Yep...Merry Christmas back to you!