Monday, 8 December 2008

Counting my blessings

I am finally back in our tropical island after enduring days of icy weather. One week away and I realise there are so many people in my life that I should be thankful for. The kids managed to cope very well on their own. Rusty was well taken care of. In fact, on some days, YK woke up at 6am just to walk him. They both took turns to feed, bathe and walk him. They did their own laundry and washed the dishes. The house was not in a mess when I got home.

CH popped by several times to check on them. My brother and his family brought some food over during the weekend. I feel so blessed to have their support.

In Hamburg, my associates Nigel and Geoff ensured I was nicely settled in the hotel and at the convention despite their busy schedules. I was treated to dinners and lunches everyday.

In London, I had the opportunity to meet a fellow blogger, Flying Pink Elephants. We had such a fabulous night chatting and chuckling away. The next day, my lovely colleagues in Marlow showed me around town and brought me to Oxford University.

Then I was lucky to catch up with my Italian friend Cesco in Bath. He had recently completed his Masters in the University of Bath and was spending a week doing research work before moving to India to begin his stint with an NGO. He's the perfect host who brought me around the city and countryside on foot and even cooked a wonderful meal at his friend's home.

On the last day, I traveled to Reading where my business associate treated me to lunch, showed me around Windsor Castle and sent me to the airport.

I am really lucky to have hospitable friends who made the trip so memorable. Without them, it would have been a cold and lonely week.

Here are some photos taken in Hamburg.


Train station.

By the hotel.

Wintry morning.

Dinner with my colleagues in Hamburg.


The Real Mother Hen said...

Hey you want the dispenser bag? You could keep plastic bags in there and whenever Rusty needs to go (do business), you can just pull the plastic bag out from the bottom of the bag, but I've to say my workmanship isn't great, so I'm bit too embarrassed to give it away as Xmas present :)

You know, it has been so warm here, absolutely no snow this year. Last Monday I only needed a t-shirt on, and had to turn on AC, in December. Unbelievable.

The World According To Me said...

So your boys didn't go hungry and they had enough clothes to wear! Good!

Hamburg looked cold.

Glad you enjoyed your trip and everything ran smoothly back on the tropical island. Fab evening!

Amel said...

COOL! Your kids are independent already at that age. I was still so childish at their age!