Friday 26 December 2008

Sweet potato soup

While I was snooping around mum's kitchen this afternoon, she urged me to bring some eggs home. She receives free eggs from her tenant (an egg dealer) at the farm every week. Actually I was more interested in the basket of sweet potatoes which my dad replenishes weekly. So I went home with some eggs and sweet potatoes.

It was almost tea break when I got home, I decided to boil sweet potato soup for all to share. Since Dongzhi festival is just over, I added in some glutinuous rice balls as well. I remember how we looked forward to eating rice balls in sweet soup during the Dongzhi Festival (Winter Solstice Festival) when we were young. It's a tradition that's fast disppearing from our calendar these days but mum still makes them every year. She says dongzhi brings the family closer together.

Anyway, we have no winter here and it's hot and sunny outside but still, a steaming bowl of sweet potato soup with rice balls never fails to warm the heart.

Sweet potato and rice balls stuffed with ground peanuts.


huier said...

yum...i love mine with lots of ginger and a handful of red dates. Happy holidays! =)

Amel said...

I've been craving for some sweet potato here, but I haven't found them yet. :-(((