Sunday, 11 January 2009

Spring cleaning and baking

It has been a productive day at home, even more so than a day at the office! I spent hours spring cleaning the garden. All the dead leaves were trimmed and dying plants tossed out. The garden looks green and alive again.

I finally cleaned up and organised the store room as well, throwing out things mercilessly to create more space. The rusty BBQ grill left behind by the ex-owner got tossed out. It's a white elephant taking up precious space.

I spent the afternoon making kueh bangkit (a light coconut cookie). They turned out pretty well. I should have made more. Maybe I'll make some more next week to give away.

Here are my pineapple tarts. These are the nicer ones. The pineapple jam in the first batch was overcooked and became too chewy. They're for the boys to snack on. The presentable ones are for my parents who will have lots of guests over the Chinese New Year.

This is what my kueh bangkit looks like before going into the oven.

Here they are, after emerging from the oven.

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The Real Mother Hen said...

Delicious!!! WOW you're now a good baker :)