Thursday 1 January 2009

A new year, an early start

I woke up with a start as my alarm clock rang at 5.45am. It has been months since I had to be up so early to prepare breakfast and send SK to school, I'm still bleary eyed now sitting in my office. I used to enjoy this routine, I'm sure I can get used to this.

The year started really well (then again, this is only the second day). Best friend and family came for lunch yesterday. The kids and I spent the rest of new year's day relaxing at home. While watering plants in the patio, I made friends with a neighbour who had moved in above our flat. Later in the evening, I chatted with my next door neighbour while I was out walking Rusty. He's an avid runner who has completed several marathons in 2008. Talking passionately about our running experience has somehow rekindled my interest in the sport. It's time to start training again!

It's also time to eat and live simply. I haven't been tempted at all by the sales going on around me. What I really should do is lose some weight so that all the clothes languishing in my wardrobe can look good on me again.

In the sports section today, the trainer was showing how a bag of rice can quickly whip you back into shape. Apparently, it works better than a dumbell as it forces the muscles to work harder. I'll never look at rice the same way again. Instead of scoffing it down, you'll find me working out with a bag of rice from now on.

With soaring electric bills, I've given the kids a choice to stop using the air-con or remove the aquarium. Of course, they can't give up their beloved aquariums, so we've moved the fan into the living room. I am also replacing the light bulbs on the chandelier with energy saving ones to reduce heat and energy consumption. We're starting with baby steps first.

The vegetables are growing well in the patio. I've got baby lettuce, kai lan, chye sim, spinach, kang kong, tomatoes, brinjals and carrots now. Hopefully I can start harvesting something next month. I can't wait for them to grow up quickly. I'm an impatient gardener!

On the workfront, it is also time to rethink our business strategies and find ways to revitalise sales again. After the festive season, everyone should start getting serious about work. We can't waste anymore time.

Here in Asia, the mother-of-all-festivals is coming up. The Chinese New Year comes earlier this year, in end-January, which means more spending, eating and celebrating. I'm not sure I want to indulge in too much of that. Celebration is good when everyone's doing well but in times like this, it can be rather painful.


The World According To Me said...

5.45 is a very early start! It must feel like the middle of the night.

I know what you mean, celebrating is all very well and lots of fun, if you’re not worrying about the money side…

Anonymous said...

Yep... 5:45 is early and I'll be doing that too... in a few days. It is hard to really enjoy festivities when the world is the way it is right now. 2009 is full of unknowns, but let's hope that somehow we can pull out of it!

Nick Phillips (15/03/1967 - 04/11/2022) said...

I don't think I could wake up that early even if my life depended upon it ... LOL!

Hopefully we all can just hang in there and survive as best as we can through these trying times.

Amel said...

Even though you're an impatient gardener, at least they thrive under your care. I'm so lousy at gardening - either I water too much or too little. Oh dear goodness!!!