Wednesday 28 January 2009

Spreading happiness

We're finally back in the office after a long break. It feels good to be back to the old routine. Rusty has gotten too used to an entire week of long morning walks, he refused to go home after his short walk this morning.

He stood there stubbornly while I tugged at his leash, "Come on Rusty! Let's go home!" We managed to get home in time (after I picked him up and carried him to the door) to send SK to school.

Looks like it is going to be a quiet day at work. Mum has been experiencing toothache again after the last treatment, so I'm bringing her to the dentist this morning for a look see.

I'm kind of happy to see some articles about 'happiness and joy' in our papers today. Happy people are healthier people too. I tend to agree. But I also think healthy people should be the happy ones. We all take our good health for granted.

Mum's been plagued with all kinds of ailments, it can be a struggle for her to stay happy but I must say she has done a great job. She tries to be positive most of the time but sometimes her face cannot hide the misery.

When I brought the kids to visit their paternal grandma on Tuesday, YK kept commenting how youthful and lively she looked. I must agree, she is a picture of good health compared to my own frail mother. Because of her good health, she travels everywhere and mingles with her friends everyday. She lives life to the fullest.

If you want to kick-start a happier life, here are some tips I gleaned from the papers:
1. Count your blessings - reflect on what really matters and rechart your course to one that will bring joy, meaning and fulfilment to your life.
2. Money can't buy happiness - Engage in meaningful activities like bonding with family and friends or pursuing charity work.
3. Avoid toxic people - Avoid people who may bring you down with their negative attitudes.
4. Show gratitude and appreciation - Write a letter of appreciation to someone close to you to thank them for who they are and what they have done for your life.
5. Keep things in perspective - Balance your expectations with the reality of your situation and your own perception of things. E.g losing your job doesn't mean you're a total failure as your career is only one part of your whole life.


WaterLearner said...

Real Happiness that is grounded from deep within and not due to any external circumstances is so very important and relevant in the world today.

A romantic gesture from a lover;
A new LV or Gucci handbag;
A compliment from someone;
A good party;
A jolly feast;
A new perfume;
Or even starting on a new foolscap pad;

.... Can trigger certain degrees of happiness in a person.

But one can't always be sure that there is always presence of external factors to generate the happiness.

Let the seeds of happiness grow in us from deep within. When all external factors fail us, the quiet simple joy is still singing and soothing us within.

May all be Well & Happy!

Amel said...

GREAT reminders, Ting! Btw, I've just posted pics of our new empty apartment he he...