Saturday 31 January 2009


I had a missed call while I was at the market this morning. It was mum. She called again when I was in the bathroom, so I stepped out for a moment to pick up the call in case it was urgent.

"Are you coming home for dinner tonight?", mum asked.

Yes, we are.

She continued, "Your brothers are not coming back you know. Besides, Wati (our domestic helper) is off today, so nobody's cooking."

"In that case, I won't come back then." I replied without hesitation.

"Oh, come back lah. We have lots of stuff at home. You can cook something." Then she went on to talk about her teeth and denture.

"Hey Ma, I have to go back into the toilet. I'll let you know about dinner later..."

Now that I had a little more time in the toilet, I realised how inconsiderate I was. Just because my brothers are not coming back for dinner and there's nobody cooking tonight, I decided not to go back too. But who's going to make dinner for my parents? Mum is too weak to rustle up a proper meal all by herself and even though my dad is able to cook, he has been out of touch for years.

I called her back immediately and told her we're coming back to cook dinner afterall. She sounded really happy at the prospect of seeing us tonight. I am looking forward to this actually. It will be just like the good old times.


Anonymous said...'s the small things that can really make people happy! Hope you had an enjoyable time.

Blur Ting said...

JY - Yes, we had a nice dinner :-)