Sunday 11 January 2009


It's 2.30pm and I'm sitting here waiting for YK's phone call and craving for something savoury and meaty. To be precise, I am thinking of lor bak- thick chunks of fatty belly pork braised in sweet, dark soya sauce. Maybe it is my body's way of telling me I need to ingest more protein.

My diet is becoming too simple. Steamed sweet potatoes (or taro) for breakfast, plain crackers for lunch and rice with vegetables and steamed fish for dinner. That's probably not balanced enough. I need more protein like dairy, meat or soy in my diet.

That explains my big fat craving for fatty meat. I am heading home to make some for dinner tonight. Let me ask CH if he has the same craving too.

Yesterday my brother asked his son Marc if he knows what's a balanced diet. He replied, "50% junk food like chips and crackers and 50% healthy food." :-)


Anonymous said...

Yep...he's got the idea!'d it go? I am sure the test results went well. Anyways, yeah a balanced diet means a little bit of everything... take your new blog look... lots lighter!

The World According To Me said...

I do think your body can sometimes tell you what you are lacking.

Like it - 50 percent junk food and 50 percent healthy!

Like the new blog look too!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Eh you changed the background color :)

Well done Marc! His reply on balanced diet is perfect! :)

How's YK doing?