Sunday, 18 January 2009

Good news & bad news

The good news is I had a really relaxing day. My friends came over for lunch and we spent an enjoyable afternoon eating and chatting.

I cooked chicken curry in the morning. Here's a picture of the chicken pieces and potatoes being fried in the wok.

I made some ngoh hiang using minced pork and prawns, water chestnut, spring onions and crushed plain crackers.

The rolls were steamed, panfried and cut into smaller chunks.

It was a hot and windy day. We ventured out to the patio in the late afternoon. My friend's adorable little girl enjoyed herself tremendously in my garden. Aren't I lucky to find another little gardener?

One hand holding her 'naked' rag doll while trying to water the plants using the other hand. Awww!

Now, what's the bad news? It has everything to do with Rusty of course. We went home for dinner at my parents this Sunday evening as usual. When nobody was watching, Rusty snuck out of the house and disappeared into the farm. He refused to emerge even though we called until our voice turned hoarse. Does it sound too familiar by now?

Well, he came out a couple of times but dashed back into the darkness to frolick with another farm dog before we could catch him. We couldn't stay any longer playing hide and seek with him, so we left without him. Hopefully he'll return to my parent's house tonight and stay out of trouble until I bring him home again.

I can't believe he had pulled another stunt on us again. My friends were just praising his good behavior this afternoon. We spoke too soon.

I'm kicking myself so hard now because I can't believe my luck. I bumped into an old friend Daniel (I've known him for 23 years) and his wife at the mall 2 days ago. After I left the mall, his old residential number suddenly came to my mind. When I was younger, I had a fantastic memory and could rattle off everyone's phone numbers like a directory.

My mind was so preoccupied with that number all day, I reminded myself to buy lottery the next day. The trouble was, I had such a busy Saturday, I forgot to visit the lottery outlet. When I checked the winning numbers today, that number won 2nd prize. I could have been $20,000 (USD13,500) richer!

Sigh! Looks like I'm going to have a sleepless night.