Sunday, 12 April 2009

End of a long weekend

It's almost the end of a cool and restful day. What a difference an extra off-day makes! I find myself with more time for other things besides housework. How I wish I have more long weekends like that.

It helps that I didn't drive back to my parent's place for dinner tonight because I met with a customer at the airport in the evening. I didn't feel like rushing from one end of Singapore to another for dinner. Not only was the timing bad, YK has a mouth full of ulcers and looks like he's coming down with a cold. So we chose to stay home.

When I announced I was making glass noodle soup for dinner, he thought I was going to force a bowl of bland and colourless meal down his throat. I can see why. I've never cooked glass noodles before and he had only tasted the healthy (tasteless) version made by my mother.

When I served the noodles, chockful of chicken, shrimp, fishcake and home-grown vegetables, he liked it so much, I offered him some of mine and settled for cheese and crackers myself. The block of cheese had been sitting in the fridge for so long, I'm glad I finally finished it. It would have been better if I had some wine at home.

Like I've said, I'm grateful for the restful day. It's back to work tomorrow. I do wish there is more work to do in the office though. Business hasn't resumed to orginal level yet but it is slowly getting better.


Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

really like me mom. offers her food if the kid loves it. haiz....the bane of loving moms, no food! =)))

Anonymous said...

glad he was able to eat the noodles..your version sounds so much more delish! that's what mom's do isn't it?