Sunday, 19 April 2009

Walking the dog

It's Monday morning and I'm tired and aching all over. And sleepy too. Gosh, something is quite wrong with my life. What have I been doing with my weekends?

I think it's all my fault. I just can't sit still and watch the 'imaginary' dust balls roll all over the house. Last night, YK finally told me off.

When I was hanging out laundry to dry at 9.30pm, Rusty waddled over. As he sat watching me with his tail wagging earnestly, I grumbled to YK, "See, Rusty wants me to take him out for a walk again."

YK said, "Maybe he just wants to keep you company? Or he wants a cuddle? I think you're the one who likes the walk. Maybe Rusty doesn't even want it. Just like when I say I like Hokkien mee, it doesn't mean I want to eat it now. But if you insist on giving me a plate, I'll eat it lah."

Well, he has a point. Why must I be so super-ON about everything, from housework to walking the dog? I turned to Rusty and said, "No walk tonight, let's go to sleep!"

He went to bed without a whimper. Technically the kids had already walked him around the farm at my parent's place earlier, so I shouldn't be worried about him peeing at night. Rusty's such a good dog anyway, he holds his bladder until I take him out. Of course it helps that he has an enthusiastic dog owner who never forgets.


Loz said...

We all get those itchy feet sometimes when we feel that things need to be done today. I think it was Mark Twain who said - "Don't put off until tomorrow, something that could be done the day after tomorrow."

Learn that it's OK to relax my friend :)

Steph said...

YK is so full of 智慧 each time in his words. Is true that sometimes our daily life becomes so gam-cheong bcos we make it this way..tink is the "me" that needs the change ^_^ not easy and me still learning to let go...