Thursday, 11 June 2009

Ladies night

For some time now, EE has been telling me about her Japanese friend. "You'll like her", she says. "She's calm and serene, really like you in many ways."

I finally met Fukuda-San last night and was totally bowled over by her youth (she looks half her age) and beauty, at the same time charmed by her humility and gentle demeanor.

It was indeed a great idea for EE to bring us together for we had a thoroughly enjoyable night. Fukuda-San wanted to dine at a tapas restaurant and we're seriously short of a good one in Singapore. The last few that we've tried didn't impress us very much, so we opted for a new one this time, Tapas Wine Bistro at Holland Village.

When we scanned through the menu, we could hardly find any real tapas in there. We ordered a jug of Sangria (definitely a must!) and many plates of finger food.

The sangria is mixed just right, not too sweet and with enough wine to give the right punch!

The oyster shooters were good.

We liked the fried white bait too.

We had the cheese platter. The Spanish cheeses (5 types) were full bodied and tasty.

I liked the spicy chorizo sausages and the tangy salad/dressing but for some reason, I was the only one enjoying this dish.

By the time the fried calamari arrived, we were feeling quite stuffed.

EE likes the seared tuna very much. I ate them with the chorizo salad. It was a good combination.

Holland Village is a great place to bring our foreign friends to because it is always buzzing with young people hanging out at the watering holes anytime of the week. We hopped over to Tangos for wine and dessert. As I was the driver for the night, I ordered a cappucino and 'Tangomisu' while the two ladies nursed a bottle of red wine.

"Tangomisu" is Tango's own version of the tiramisu.

I really enjoyed their company last night. While EE is the great entertainer, Fukuda-San is a good listener and nice friend to have. I look forward to seeing her again, maybe in Japan!


The Real Mother Hen said...

Wow look at that food, so delicious. Tango is still there eh? I do miss Holland V actually :)

Blur Ting said...

MH - Remember we went there together before you left to stay in the US? It's still a lively place with no sign of any recession!

EE said...

I am still hung over from last night. Age is definitely catching up. It was good fun though!

The World According To Me said...

Good food and good company. Sounds like a fab night.

I've just come back from Ibiza where I had my fair share of Sangria!