Monday, 8 June 2009

Who am I?

Recently a few of us girls were sitting around the table, talking about people as usual. When I told them about my recent meeting with a blog reader who thought I was more gentle than my blog personality, my friends nodded their heads furiously in agreement.

"Yes, yes! Diffeereeent!", they chorused.

In my blog world, Blur Ting is a gregarious, multi-tasking and energetic super mummy. She probably talks like a bullet train and cackles like a happy hen all day long. She's brassy, loud, hyper, earthy, soulful and sometimes funny and irrelevant. But for some reason, she can inspire people too.

In reality, the real Ting is mostly calm and demure (ahem!). Most of the time, she smiles more than she speaks. But when it comes to talking about things she's passionate about, there's no stopping her. That happens pretty often because she's passionate about so many things, like writing, gardening, cooking, parenting and traveling.

So, you see, I blog when I have something to say. And then I get all excited and pour my emotions into my piece, post it up and return to my normal serene state again.

My readers only catch a little glimpse of the Real Ting, all 15 minutes out of 24 hours. The rest of the time, she's just a Blur Ting. Wait, is it the other way round?


jen said...

ur blog is really a great read!
hi, im from kl.. stumbled upon your blog some time ago...
hope this is not too intrusive, but some words of applause are called for here.. just keep up the writings..!

Blur Ting said...

Hi Jen, thanks for reading and gee, thanks for the compliment :-)