Monday, 5 November 2007

Canton Wok

Just because we had been training so hard, we decided to treat ourselves to a carbo-rich dinner at Canton Wok, situated in a lovely old Peranakan bungalow on Joo Chiat Road.
Having read raving reviews about the mouth-watering Cantonese food created by Chef Kang, one of the most respected masters of the wok with a flair for quirky combinations, we decided to put our tastebuds to the test.
We ordered the steamed crab with glutinous rice and garlic, which came in a huge bamboo tray. The crab was tender and succulent and the glutinous rice was bursting with flavour though it was slightly undercooked. Still, we both enjoyed the dish but couldn't finish all that rice!
The menu's full of tempting dishes, but the 2 of us couldn't sample that many. We ended up ordering their signature bean curd dish with dried scallops. The soft bean curd (made in the kitchen) was drenched in a thick and fragrant gravy cooked with shitake mushroom and dried scallop. Simple but really delicious.

For dessert, we had my favourite 'or nee' -Teochew dessert made with mashed yam and ginkgo nut. It was done just right - smooth, creamy and not too sweet.
With all that carbo-loading, it's time to go running again.


WaterLearner said...

I love "Oh Nee" also. My hubbs too. Wow, I would go running tomorrow and then maybe have a feast on Deepavali?

Hee Hee ..

J@n!ce said...

My hubs & I love O Nee too :):)

Janice Ng ~ invite friends ~ get paid

Amel said...

Hi, Blur!

WOW!!! I WOULD LOVE to taste some of thoseeeee! I LOVE crab! ;-D I don't know about "or nee" though...

When it comes to your last comment in my's my explanation:

The Dutch occupied Indonesia for 350 years. Yeah, that's right. Three HUNDRED and fifty years he he he...So in Holland there are SO MANY Chinese and Indo food and spices. ;-D There were plenty of them getting married to Indonesian ladies, as no wonder there are many Indonesian stuff in Holland he he he...

The World According To Me said...

Keep up the carbs and the training!
The food sounds and looks delicious.

Blur Ting said...

Or nee, my all time fav! Nice isn't it? That's why it's your fav too!

Amel - I think you'll like it as much as we do too.
And, thanks for the education. Now I know why.... but when you eat at the restaurant in Holland, you'll find the Indo food so unlike the real thing :-)

Oh, World, You've been to Singapore. So you must have tried some of our local food.

Unknown said...

never tried or nee, but I sure want some of that crab!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Food food food... oh I get so hungry now, despite I just had my breakfast :)

SOUL said...

that's just not right ... looks soooo yummmmmmeeeee. and you know i'm stahvin!!!


pork chops here tonight---IF i ever get UP to cook.

Amel said...

HE HE HE...I guess you can only find the REAL thing in its original place, eh? He he he he...

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