Saturday 10 November 2007

Two things

I was tagged by Water Learner and since I have some time on my hands, I shall attempt to do my Two Things Meme right now...

Two Names I go by - Blur and Ting.

Two things I am wearing right now - My comfy "Devil' Tee and black running shorts.

Two things I want (or have) in a relationship - Laughter and shared interests.

Two things I like to do - Traveling and cooking.

Two things I want very badly in this moment - My own house and my mum to be completely well again.

Two things I did last night - Cooked dinner and fell off a chair while having dinner.

Two things I ate today - A big ripe persimmon and some of the pasta below.
Two person I last spoke to - YK and SK.

Two things I am doing tomorrow - Meet a customer for Thai lunch and start packing for my Vietnam trip. (Yay! I'm going to Saigon on Friday)

Two favourite days of the week -Friday and Sunday.

Two favourite holidays- New Year's day & Chinese New Year.

Two favourite beverages - Hot cup of coffee (must be hot!) & icy cold cider.

Two things about me that you may not have known - I eat way too little for my own good, and I can survive on very little food.

Two jobs that I have had in my life - I was promoting 'Vidal Sassoon' hair products in a department store and I worked in Wendy's Fast Food Restaurant as vacation jobs.

Two Movies I would watch over and over - Under the Tuscan Sun and Serendipity.

Two Places I have lived - San Ramon in California for several months and Italy for several weeks.

Two of my favourite food - Peanut pancake and Cold Stones ice cream.

Two places I would rather be right now - In the lively streets of South America and sandy shores in Maldives.

Two bloggers to tag: New Beginnings and Mother Hen.


Unknown said...

Cool meme. I am really curious as to who develops these can anyone just make up a meme and tag people? That would be fun. We should do that

Blur Ting said...

Yes, you can start your own meme and tag people.

Amel said...

Blur, I hope your Mom will be completely well again, too!!! :-)))) GOOD LUCK in finding and buying your own house! ;-D I want one, too, later in life he he he...

You're going to Saigon on Friday? YIIIPPIIIEEE!!! I'll get to see PICSSSSS. YEEESSS! ;-D

I LOVE icy cold cider mmmmm...but I don't mind drinking iced coffee he he he he...

WaterLearner said...

Hey Ting,

Mom sick huh? Hope she gets well soon. And you are going Vietnam this Friday? Lucky gal. Take lots of pics to show us ok.

I am recovering from my flu and my legs are getting itchy from not exercising for four days. I would be running tomorrow before my Body Sculpt tomolo.

Thanks for putting up the meme so soon. Good Sport!!

Have a Great Week Ahead!

Amel said...

Hi, Blur,

Go grab your award here...

Be The Blog Award

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha okay..I'm behind on memes and being tagged... World also tagged me and I havent done it yet! but it might be a good time to do it!

dont we ALL want our own house....

Unknown said...

Have fun in Saigon! Excited to see pics!!!

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