Tuesday 20 November 2007

It's a No-Go

Well, it looks like we’re not doing any family vacation this school holiday after all. I saw it coming after the long and tiring trans-pacific flight back to Singapore from Los Angeles last December. The kids have turned down all my proposals this time round. I guess they’ve outgrown vacations with their mommy.

Since they were tiny babies, I brought them everywhere I went…from the grocery store to the pool, beach or the park. YK went on his first holiday to the beautiful Tioman Island when he was still a baby in my arms. A couple of years later, I brought them to Indonesia to visit my friend in Surabaya, this time with SK in my arms.

When they were small, every little trip was a treat. As a parent, I just love to see their little face light up with joy. That look on their face when they touched snow for the very first time is priceless. Well, the boys have done their Disney Lands and Universal Studios, beach holidays and ski resorts, tropical and temperate destinations… and I have done my job.

These days, they’re happier going out with their friends. YK returned home from a school camp beaming with joy. To him, it is way more enjoyable than traveling across the world with me. Well, I can totally understand because I was once like that. As a teenager, I went on vacation with mom and sulked every single minute I was there. So what if the garden was blooming with spring flowers or the view was breathtaking? I wasn’t interested. All I wanted was to be with my friends.

I have seen many sullen faces on my travels. Teenagers traveling with their parents have that nonchalant and disinterested look. I bet they wished they were home too. What’s the point of dragging them across the world when it feels like torture to them?

It’s funny how I only became interested in traveling again when I became an adult. Well, I know the day will come when my kids would happily traipse the planet again...with or without me...it doesn't matter.


WaterLearner said...

Good thinking! It's just that phase in their lives that they are trying to be independent. Or at least... pretend to be so!! There was a period of time ourselves that we enjoyed more being with our peers than our parents. Right?

I like your attitude of not resisting this "change" in them. At the end of the day, they will appreciate you for being a mum that treats their wishes with respect.

But wow.. your kids are so fortunate! Indeed, you have done a good job to bring them to see the world!! Maybe it's time for you to plan some real travel without work for just the two of you??

Blur Ting said...

Thanks for our suggestion. Don't worry. Every year, I plan business trips, trips with kids and trips for 2 of us. Very fair :-)

J@n!ce said...

My 2 boys dun even have passports yet *blush*. Hubs planned to bring them to disneyland in the near future when they are older & learn to appreciate traveling, else I think its also a waste of money since they will not rem the travel now :)

You are such a good mommy. I want to hug you !! hehe ;p

Janice Ng

Blur Ting said...

Well Janice, the thing is, my kids can't remember most of the places they went to when they were younger. So, really, don't need to hurry. :-)

When they were older, all they wanted to do was go to a nearby resort and stay in the pool all day. So no need to go to far away places too. :-)

Kids like to play with snow but don't need to bring them too far too. They wanted to stay in the hotel backyard and play with snow all day long...and refused to travel by coach to see those historical places.

So you see, kids are very easy to please. They dont really care where they go to actually.

J@n!ce said...

So bottom line is still water, snow & sand. The place doesn't make a difference so long they get to hands on all those.... LOL :)

I think I agree with you. You see, Zac says he wants to go to the zoo. Ended up is staying at the playground there for half the time. :)

Janice Ng

The World According To Me said...

I agree with Waterlearner, I'm sure your kids appreciate that you respect they now want to branch out and holidays with friends can seem more appealing.
And it sounds like they have been lucky enough to visit some great places with you!
Funny how things can turn around though. I remember thinking I was too grown up to holiday with my parents, and the excitement of going away with my friends, staying in villas and partying until ridiculous times.
Now I would happily holiday with my parents again, and have done, appreciating the time together and browsing in craft shops and enjoying cream teas!

Amel said...

UR one wise woman he he he...But if I were your kid and I got a chance to go abroad with my mother, I'd definitely do it. Travelling abroad has been my dream since I was a kid. ;-D

Unknown said...

traveling without little ones! that is something to look forward to ^_^

Blur Ting said...

Yup Seagrape, it feels very liberating without having to keep looking out for them. You know how frightening it is to lose them in those busy streets in strange places!

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