Thursday 1 November 2007

No routine

I thrive on routines. During school days, I know exactly what time the boys should be in school and how my schedule runs day in, day out. At 7.15am every single day, I arrive at my office, have a cuppa, read the papers and blog. By 8.30am, I am ready to start my workday.

But when it comes to the school holidays, my schedule becomes erratic and chaotic. For 2 whole months, I throw all routines out of the window.

I have the monthly planner before me everyday, with all the dates marked out.... dates that I have to send them for school meetings, school camps, buying new school books, activities, outings with friends etc.

Then there are dates that my colleague goes on her yearly vacation, which means I shouldn't be traveling too. This is also the time to plan our family vacation and business trips. Plus, other errands like sending my car to the workshop and mom for her yearly eye/health checkups. It's also the time for socialising, catch up with old friends and Christmas shopping.

I stare at my planner that's scribbled with dates and activities. It's vacation season for goodness sake but all I see is a big blur ...


WaterLearner said...


I am a planning freak as well. I like to be early in the office to get focused before kicking the day off.

Blur Ting said...

Yay! At least I don't feel like a freak now :-) I like to feel productive.

The World According To Me said...

I must confess to being a routine person too. And I feel a little unsettled if things go out of sync.

Amel said...

Hi, Blur!

I know what you mean. I thrive on routine, as well. :-D

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