Friday 23 November 2007

Souvenirs from Saigon

I'm a good traveler but a lousy shopper. Unlike other travelers, I don't lug home bags of goodies. In fact, the less luggage the better for I really dislike the endless waiting at the baggage belt.

This time I was tempted to buy this Vietnamese hat... but decided against it because it's too bulky to carry around.

Instead, I bought this cute mask for my nieces. The Vietnamese wear mask when they travel around the city on their motorcycle. The little masks for kids in pastel colours, decorated with cute animal graphics, are irresistable at S$1 each!
Ting can wear the mask when she's having a cold.
Of course, I had to get this Tin Tin t-shirt for Ting too!


Anonymous said...

I think that's where we're the same..I am a lousy souvenir shopper too.... Well.. for me when I go back to the's food I'm after..then all those trashy People magazines that I can leave on the airplane after I've read them!

Amel said...

CUTE mask and Tin-tin T-shirt...and cute Ting too, of course he he he...

The World According To Me said...

I bet they appreciated their souvenirs.
Cute pics.

Mike Minzes said...

Man, I wish I got to get there!!

I sooooo envy you!!!

WaterLearner said...

This little Ting is really so cute and like I have told you before, really looks like my cousin when she was smaller (she is now Pri6). I must really go my mum's place dig up pictures to show you liao.

Anonymous said...

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