Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Dog's gone

Guess what? Doggie has found her owner!

While we were walking around distributing posters, a young man told us he saw some posters of this same dog nearby. We called the owner up and sent the dog back to where she belongs.

Here's Rocket, the shar-pei that refuses to walk. I had to lug her around like a baby. Boy, she's alot heavier than Rusty and she grunts like a piglet. She's so adorable. I'm glad she's back home now.


Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh mine. She is really adorable!

Amel said...

Errr...I'm actually not too fond of dogs that have no fur hi hi...but she's kinda cute he he...and I'm SO glad you found the owner!

JY69 said...

very cute doggie! glad she's home!

Malar said...

Good to hear tht the dog found her owner!
Ting, you can open a lost and found shelter+web for dogs! you're such a great soul!

pobell said...

she's so cute!