Sunday 18 July 2010

It's on!

Oh man! What part of fun does best friend not understand?! I hope she's not reading this (I know she's not) but my idea of brainstorming definitely involves a big dose of fun, caffeine and idyllic surroundings.

She, on the other hand, suggested we meet in the central business district. She's roping in her husband (ex army-officer, now successful business consultant) in the discussion too. This is turning out to be a high level business meeting!

She's chalk, I'm cheese. I'm Apple while she's IBM. She's all seriousness while I'm all for fun. Hers is a Volvo while mine's a jeep. She keeps dogs to protect the house. I keep because I love them. My kids learn swimming to survive, hers to excel and compete. I love pottering about aimlessly in my garden, she conducts experiments and analyses the soil PH level. She's all methodological while I'm free-spirited, sometimes too whimsical. I'm into cute organ stickers and little vegetable growing kits. She sets targets and looks at the bottom-line. No wonder she's at the higher echelons while I'm still (down) here. LOL!

But we're good together. You need both types for a business to work. So, we're forging ahead with the brainstorming session. Instead of slinking off to a hideaway in Rochester Village or Dempsey Hill, we've decided to meet halfway.

We'll still be in the CBD but in a cafe situated in an old colonial building. One that boasts an eclectic community of creative types. Somewhere that I (not sure about her) can draw inspiration from.


Petunia Lee said...

Opposite attract mah...

auntielucia said...

Haha, u are not going to the Old Telecom building near Cecil Street, are u? Where I think JWT has an office?

It's good to have someone who's practical and another who's creative as partners. But frankly, pal, I think u under-sell yrself. U are very practical. It comes thru fm the way u organise yr meals, family and time! That's why you have time leftover to stand and stare!

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