Monday, 19 July 2010

Rocking good session

Did the brainstorming session go well? You bet!

It always begins with food of course. Our brains only started functioning after copious amount of coffee accompanied by thick slices of Oreo cheesecake and tiramisu. The location, by the way, was Pacific Coffee at Red Dot Traffic. I didn't take any photos but if you must know what it is like, this blog has some really good shots.

The ideas (mostly strange ones) kept coming as we slouched on the super plush sofa. We only sat up and pretended to look serious when Best friend's hubby strolled in to check on our progress.

"What have you girls achieved so far?" he enquired.

Well, we had just polished off two slices of cakes and downed lots of coffee. You want some (crumbs)?

Then magically, after his appearance, our thoughts gathered momentum and we began spouting more sensible ideas. Sometimes what you need is a catalyst (like an ex-military man) to provoke our minds (or whip us into shape).

Anyway, he left after giving his two cents worth. Now that we were back on track, the second half was more productive. We were hi-fiving and beaming like we had won lottery.

By the time I had to leave (to cook dinner), we were on a roll. Suddenly we were chewing on several (promising) ideas. If you had seen us grinning from ear to ear as we walked to our cars, you might think we had earned a million bucks already.

Yah, brainstorming sessions rock.


WaterLearner said...

Sad that I had to give it a miss (expressed in my blog). But happy that the session has been a fruitful one for you!

Amel said...

YAAAYYY!!! That's SO nice to hear! Happy for you!

The World According To Me said...

Just read your post below too. Glad it wasn't too serious and you have some great ideas for the outcome.

I can never think on an empty stomach! Coffee and cake all the way!