Friday 23 July 2010

Little India

On the way to Little India, I suddenly remembered Fresh Fry raving about Usman which serves Indian and Pakistani food. We made our way to Desker Road in search of the fabulous stall.

Situated prominently at the corner of Desker and Upper Serangoon Road, it wasn't difficult to find Usman at all.

Ordering was even easier. We simply ate the same things she did.

I had lime juice while CH had mango lassi.

We ordered 2 pieces of garlic naan and one plain one.

I know CH likes mutton, so I ordered this for him. The meat was very tender and more importantly, not reeking of a lamby smell.

I love the paneer dish as well (above). In fact, I like it so such, I'm thinking of cooking it at home.

I wasn't expecting the butter chicken (above) to look anything like this but it was delicious nonetheless.

The chickpeas was my favourite. It's the best I have eaten so far. The peas were so tender, they must have been cooked for hours and hours.

We ate until our tummies were bursting. I almost couldn't believe the entire dinner only cost us S$21.80 (USD16). Very satisfying!

After a heavy meal like this, it's best to walk it off. Little India is one of the best places in Singapore to wander around in. There's lots to see at night, especially in the sleazy back alleys of Desker/Rowell Road where transsexual sex workers parade freely late at night. Too bad, we were there early, so all we saw were people going about with their normal business.

This is what I could call a hole in the wall.

Little India is truly a melting pot of culture. The Museum of Shanghai Toys is, or rather was, there. They have decided to call it quits due to the high operating cost. They're moving back to Shanghai.

I had to get a photo before they're gone for good.

I was really attracted to this colonial style building along Rowell Road. I would love to live in a building like this. Then again, the location isn't the most conducive for a tranquil lifestyle.

Right across the road is Post-Museum and quaint cafe called Food #3. I really like this place.

Food #3 is a Veg Place and an art project started by a group of creative people interested to change the world. They serve a contemporary vegetarian menu with dessert, fair-trade coffee and more. This little social enterprise is part of Post-Museum and a significant part of the profit goes to Post-Museum.

I don't know if they have Earth Night every night, but soon after we were seated, they were going to turn off all the lights (crudely fashioned from scraps of paper).

We ordered pear cider before the lights went out. True enough, the rest of the night was spent in darkness save for small tea-lights placed in the small corners of the cafe.


auntielucia said...

Blur, I love the pix of the veggie stall; the brinjals look really fresh n good...

Blur Ting said...

Yes, actually they looked much better live. The photo is somewhat blurry.

Petunia Lee said...

Another place to try... hmmmmmmmmm...

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