Monday, 3 March 2008

Here's my Poody

When I start talking about the babies at home, I mustn't leave out our little Poody of course.
Can you see the little nick on the top of his head? He ganged up with Cookie several nights ago to fight with Russell over food. It was such a ferocious fight, I couldn't keep them apart. If Rusty keeps behaving like he's a big dog, he's going to get badly hurt someday. Grow up, little Poody!


Amel's Realm said...

Oh dear...sorry to hear about this. Poor Rusty!!! He's SO cute, but you're right...he's gotta grow up!

SOUL: said...

that is such a cool dog-- i think if i looked that good i'd act a little tough too!

The World According to Me said...

Dogs and their food!
He has such character though.
I hope I won't be hearing of any more fights regarding dinner time!