Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The club

I'm now a member of a club. Not any Tom, Dick or Harry can join this club. There is no membership fee. To date, we have a handful of members. We don't even have a club house or chairman. Yet we gather almost daily at the open field to discuss about something we love. Or should I say, someone.

That someone is Bodhi. This endearing stray has brought us all together.

I don't even know everyone's name. There's Evelyn ~the kind neighbour who has been feeding Bodhi and all the cats in our condo; Vincent ~ the bald gentleman who lives upstairs; the slim lady aka silky terrier Ah Boy's owner; and the Indian family who owns a brown/white mongrel.

We are drawn together because of our love for Bodhi. Our mission is to find him a good home. Evelyn has been visiting boarding homes for dogs. Ah Boy's owner was spotted peering at the notice board at Cold Storage because someone saw a notice for a black/white lost dog. Unfortunately it isn't Bodhi.

When I announced that my best friend may be keen to adopt, everyone applauded and almost popped opened a bottle of champagne.

Trouble is, best friend's hubby is out of town. He doesn't know about it yet. It is up to her to convince him when he returns this weekend. Meanwhile, everyone in our club is getting jittery because time is running out for Bodhi. If he gets into some mischief, the authorities will not hesitate to take him away before the deadline is up.

The members are hatching plans B and C. Evelyn said most of the boarding houses are full. Then again, Bodhi can't stay in a boarding house forever. My parent's farm is the last resort. The farm is not gated, so Bodhi may run away or get into fights with the neighbourhood dogs.

So, we're still hoping someone will adopt him. All the members are pinning their hopes on my best friend. If she can sell $20 million machines to tough customers, I am sure she can convince her hubby to adopt our doggie friend.


JY69 said...

Gosh I hope everything works out well.....

hotel charlie said...

I'm an associate member!

WaterLearner said...

I hope it really gets worked out that way.

Malar said...

I really hope Bodhi get adopted soon! He look so qute!

The World According To Me said...

Oh I do hope so. He looks like a loving dog and he needs a loving home. He's lucky he has you guys.