Wednesday 23 June 2010

You don't make udon anymore!

"You don't make udon anymore...", YK said while slurping on udon at the Japanese restaurant that day.

I didn't know he likes udon so much. I usually avoid it because of the starch overload. Those fat rice noodles will fill you up quickly, leaving no room in the tummy for other yummy Japanese sushi.

Now I remember how I used to make udon for the kids when they were younger. YK's going to be surprised when he wakes up this morning. I made yakiudon - stir fried udon with loads of bean sprouts, fish cake, egg, shrimp and spring onions. I seasoned with teriyaki sauce and a dash of mirin (Japanese rice wine).

I'm beginning to realise all my noodles end up looking somewhat similar!

Now he can't say I don't cook udon anymore.


JY69 said...

It looks good! Speaking of udon, we had udon for lunch at the old folk's home today! It was pretty good! Our family loves udon too... or any kind of noodle for that matter!

Amel said...

Ahhhh...what a WONDERFUL mother!!! I LOVE it when my Mom cooks something that I love, too he he he he...Now I'm drooling all over...

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