Saturday 26 June 2010

Time is running out

Early this year, someone left behind a small dog in the neighbourhood. At first we thought it was a lost dog. Over time, it dawned upon us that he had been abandoned. He was always very wary and elusive. It took us a long time to gain his trust.

Many people in our neighbourhood (mostly apartment dwellers) love him. Slowly, some of us managed to get closer to him.

My neighbour Evelyn feeds him daily and he has grown into a handsome and very healthy dog. He's a happy dog, always very friendly with other dogs. His coat is shiny and he is active and strong. She calls him Bodhi.

The trouble is, someone called the authorities (AVA) to take him away. Four big and strong men came 2 days ago with steel wires and lasso to capture him. Luckily Evelyn was there feeding Bodhi. She pleaded with AVA to give us time to find the dog a home. The deadline given was 10 July. After that, the dog will be captured and put to sleep.

Now everyone is distressed. Evelyn is almost in tears. Apartment dwellers (especially those living in public flats) are not allowed to keep big dogs. I already have 2 dogs in mine, there is no way I can take in another one yet I cannot bear to see him being put down.

We tried to capture him yesterday so I could bring him to our farm for the time being. He managed to break loose from the leash. My parents already have 2 dogs there, it wouldn't be fair to bring another one home. We are hoping that he could find a better home. With the looming deadline, we are all very worried.

He came running towards me this morning and allowed me to cuddle him. He's a really nice dog, in fact, he even looks like a pedigree. It would break our heart to see captured by AVA.

I took some photos hoping that someone out there will fall in love with him and give him a good home.

And here's Rusty, chewing up my lottery ticket.

If this is the winning ticket for $1m, I could buy a big house and keep all the dogs under one roof!


Open Kitchen Concept said...

I love Rusty's expression! So sad for the dog though.. The people who abandoned him are really... sigh.. I have no words for them..

Blur Ting said...

See how he's grabbing the ticket bewteen his paws! He looks guilty!

Amel said...

Oh...I HOPE someone can take care of Bodhi! And I also love the look on Rusty's face! He's just SO photogenic!!!

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