Monday 7 June 2010

That tough Cookie!

Dogs, like humans, have different types of personalities. While I would describe Rusty as confident and sociable, our other dog Cookie is the complete opposite. Even after 7 years with our family, he's still a tough nut to crack. He can be gentle and affectionate one minute, and then suddenly turn very fearful and suspicious.

We picked him up from the streets when he was still a young dog. He looked lost and unwanted, so we brought him home. For years, he led a happy existence at our farm with Rusty as his playmate. They embarked on all kinds of adventures together until Rusty moved out to live with us.

We would bring Cookie along if we could but this elusive dog would never allow us to get close enough to him. Cookie has never showered a day in his life!

We couldn't put a collar on him or leash him up successfully. He could always find a way to wriggle himself free. We could live with a dirty dog but it becomes a problem when he's sick.

Lately he developed a nasty skin problem. The itch was so bad, he scratched until his skin was raw and clumps of hair fell out. His ear became badly infected as well. His condition was deteriorating. He suddenly aged ovenight.

I couldn't bear to see him suffer anymore. Yesterday I was determined to send him to the vet no matter what it takes. I was being naive of course.

I spent a frustrating afternoon running after him until I had to leave for mum's doctor appointment. We left instructions for the farm workers to continue pursuing him.

We returned in the evening to find him locked up and whimpering in the bathroom. Apparently they managed to lure him into the bathroom. He escaped, not once but twice. When they finally got him back in again, they doubly secured the door to prevent further escapes.

I called our regular pet taxi service to rush him to the vet immediately and keep him there until he is well again. I'm happy that Cookie is finally in good hands.


Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

haiz.....quite the story of Ah Ham and my dear 1st hamster, Hamie. all hamsters but so different intellect, or wisdom? am glad Cookie finally got sorted out though.

i'm scheming to trim Ah Ham's fur again. it has grown so much tat it's getting all par-kat liao. *_*

Blur Ting said...

Indeed. These pets really bring out the schemer in us!

Amel said...

Oh dear...what a personality! I'm glad he's in good hands, though! :-D

Malar said...

Hi Ting,

Hope Cookie recover fast! Poor dog...

auntielucia said...

Cookie reminds me of those humans who reject help, even when they are in need and the offeror has only kindly intentions. And the offeror is often left in a poorer situation imagining all the ills tt cld befall the person in need and distress, whereas the latter seems quite contented to wallow in his/her own sufferings for fear of changing the status quo!

At least with a dog, u can get someone to do the necessary by force. But not with a human person, who is presumed to know what's best for him/her, when in truth he/she has already lost such understanding. Sigh!

Blur Ting said...

Amel - Yes, PHEW!

Blur Ting said...

Malar - I hope so too. I also hope that he'll never have to see the vet again. It's a real challenge!

Blur Ting said...

Auntie Lucia - Well said!!