Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Seize the day!

Best friend and her family are away on a holiday. We're grounded this time because everyone is busy.

SK is already into the second week of his school holidays, yet he has to be back in school almost daily for extra lessons. It's an important year for him.

YK is in the midst of his exams. He can't wait for it to be over so he can start 'furnishing' his new tank with equipment and living things. The tank has arrived but it's like an empty house without any furniture. To me, it's massive because it dominates our small living room. I can't complain because I approved of it from the start.

While CH has been working really hard on an important project, work is slowing down on my end because of low season. Instead of meetings, my calender is filled with doctor, dentist, hospital and Chinese physician appointments for myself and mum.

I'm sitting here thinking, instead of griping, why don't I take the afternoon off to indulge in some of my favourite activities? The weather is cool enough for a nice walk through the Botanic Gardens. If it's still drizzling when I arrive, I can sit at the cafe for a cuppa. That would be lovely!

Then perhaps I'll swing by Dempsey Hill to pick up some groceries from the gourmet shop. Yah, spoil myself a little.

If time permits, I could drive down to Borders. The sight of books piled high on the shelves never fails to make me happy. I won't leave the store empty handed for sure.

I shouldn't be here typing away. I really should go now.

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