Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Thoughtful friends and family

I count myself very blessed to be surrounded by many thoughtful people. Out of the blue, I received a mail from my good friend in USA. It's a cheque accompanied by the cutest drawings. I was touched beyond words. It's too generous an amount. I can't keep it. I don't deserve this.

"Go cash it. Enjoy yourself. Or spend it on the kids", she insisted.

It makes me wish I could fly there and give her the tightest hug in the world!

Back home, I'm equally blessed to have a thoughtful family. Mum is so appreciative of the little things that I do for her. It's nothing compared to what she had done for me. She's really my soulmate. I just wish I could do more for her and with her.

Of course CH ranks high on my list of thoughtful people. He has silently supported me all these years. Always understanding and never demanding, he's really the wind beneath my wings.

Even at my workplace, I'm lucky to have a very thoughtful staff who places my welfare and interest above everything else. She's diligent, resourceful and self motivated. She helps to keep the company ship-shape, sometimes even going beyond her duties to ensure things run smoothly. She's indeed a good person to have around.

I'm glad to have thoughtful kids as well. Sure, they can be angsty at times but they care about my feelings and more importantly, they have a good heart.

By the way, I enjoyed the pilot episode of Parenthood last night though it brought back some sad memories. Of all the characters in the Braverman family, I can relate to Sarah the most.

"Sarah Braverman, at 38 years old, is the second child and oldest daughter. She has two children (Amber and Drew), and together they move back into her parent's house in the pilot episode because of her financial situation. This move is the catalyst that starts the television program. She is divorced from her rocker husband Seth, who appears to have been a very poor Father figure to her children.

Sarah's 16-year-old daughter Amber is rebellious, willful, and unstudious. She resents her move from Fresno, particularly after her mother thwarts her efforts to stay, which she tried to do by moving in with her boyfriend in Fresno.

, is Sarah's 14-year-old son. He is characterized as sensitive, and longs for a male role model. He has suffered much letdown at the hands of his father, and, as a result, has become sullen and withdrawn."

While some scenes like Sarah going on a date was funny, one particular one brought tears to my eyes. Tired of living in a cramped bedroom at the grandparents', Drew traveled all the way to Fresno to live with his father. Surely his father wouldn't reject him? Well, the poor kid was very disappointed.


Anonymous said...

生命中最美麗的報償之一便是幫助他人的同時,也幫助了自己。 ..................................................

Petunia Lee said...

Naughty daddy!

The Real Mother Hen said...

You are a kind-hearted person, naturally everyone loves you :)

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Malar said...

You have wonderful family and friends arround you! May you always be blessed with happy surroundings! ;-))