Tuesday 29 June 2010

Fast food

We had fast food for dinner last night. My definition of fast food could be different from yours.

I got home at 5pm with bags of grocery. YK, who got home a minute earlier, was happy to see me.

"I'm so hungry. I skipped lunch."

Luckily I picked up a honey roasted chicken from the rotisserie on my way home. It was still warm.

"I'll rustle up something quickly. It won't be long...."

Within minutes, rice was boiling in the cooker. I defrosted a bag of cuttlefish (which I had already cleaned and sliced up over the weekend) and washed a head of cabbage and some french beans.

The chopped up cabbage, french beans and dried shrimps were swiftly stir-fried in the wok. It was ready within minutes.

The cuttlefish went in next, with diced onions, chilli padi and spring onions. Those plump cuttlefish were fast to cook and good to eat!

By the time YK got out of the shower, a piping hot meal of roast chicken, cabbage stir-fry and spicy cuttlefish was waiting for him.

I enjoy making fast dinners because I have more time to do other things before the sky darkens. Yesterday, I had time to potter about in my garden, walk the dogs and chat with the neighbours (members of our club) and savour a bottle of beer.


auntielucia said...

I always think the roast chicken fm the various supermarkets is a godsend for a good to eat, fast to make meal.

We normally skin the chicken, and eat the wings and drumstix first.

Then the next meal we have cold shredded chicken mixed with chopped spring onion, shallot, chilli and honey mustard with a small dash of sesame oil! This is also good as a sandwich/croissont filling.

Blur Ting said...

Auntie Lucia - The one from Cold Storage was very good!

Wah, your chicken can really go a long way. I have 2 growing boys and 2 dogs at home. So, an entire chicken is gone before I can say 'tomorrow'.

Malar said...

You're really a good and fast cook!

qa said...

thanks for the information about cauliflower I asked in the other post

about cuttlefish, do you eat the heads as well?

Blur Ting said...

Qa - Actually I nnormally buy squid. This is the first time I've purchased a cuttlefish.

It is alot more difficult to clean than squid but the kids find that is tastes better. I only use the tentacles and some fleshy parts of the head. The eyes, beak and other odds and ends on the head were discarded.

Amel said...

I LOVE cooking fast meals, too! ;-D Me want fresh cuttlefishhh ooggghhh...

The World According To Me said...

Fast food is just what you need when you skip lunch! And that was very fast.
I've been getting back into cooking recently. Sometimes I like to do something fast so I can enjoy a relaxing evening afterwards, but sometimes I do like to cook with loads of ingredients and time and make it a real event!
I was going to post pics of food today but I forgot my camera!

Petunia Lee said...

I love the roast pork belly and roast pork knuckle from Cold Storage.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Yum.. sounds like a yummy meal..

auntielucia said...

Haha, I forgot to mention that the chicken's rib cage and back bones etc goes towards making stock, with onions and other odd/old veggies. There are usually only two "old" ladies n a household helper in my home.. :))