Wednesday, 16 May 2007


Today, Mother Hen used the term ‘Lighthouse’ to describe my mother. I can’t agree more.

Every morning, my brother drops his daughters at my mum’s place before going off to work. He picks them up in the evening, taking home a tiffin carrier filled with healthy dishes cooked by mum. My kids and I live with my parents and I like to think that we have a perfectly symbiotic relationship. We keep our aging parents company while they help to keep an eye on the kids. I help mum with some errands or bring her for health checkups. Because of them, I am able to go on business trips knowing that the kids are well taken care of.

Over at my best friend’s house, the same scenario is being played out. Her mother’s house is like a crèche. Her siblings drop their young kids there before heading to work. She lives with her mum during weekdays and returns to her own home only during the weekends. That way, after school, her kids can come home to a safe and secure environment under the care of their grandparents.

Mother Hen’s sister is able to travel overseas all year round because her mother lives with her. Her daughter comes home from school everyday to tuck into hot meals, lovingly prepared by grandma.

Unfortunately, we sometimes take our 'lighthouse' for granted. Imagine what life will be like without the support and guidance they are giving. Will we be able to focus on our work without having to worry about the kids? I don't think so.

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