Thursday 31 May 2007

What's your flavour?

If there’s one thing in life that I can’t give up, it’s got to be ice cream! How not to love ice cream on our sunny island?

Our ice cream flavours come in the most imaginative concoctions, from the boozy to the nutty, fruity, spicy or even savoury… we've Japanese, Turkish, American, Australian, Italian or local… you name it, we have it!

When I was in Italy, I had a gelato a day. I can't help it if there’s a gelataria in every street corner. Can you imagine I was standing in line at the most famous gelataria in Trieste, in the middle of the night to get my daily fix? Where else in the world can you find an ice cream line at this hour?

I couldn’t get enough of the irresistable creations at Coldstones in America. “If you want it in your ice cream – you get it”. Oh, I always get it! I’d go for their freshest, crunchiest roasted almonds with my favourite ice cream flavours! I’d describe my ultimate ice-cream fantasy to friends back home who cared to listen. We don’t have Coldstones here and it’s hard to describe the mixing on cold granite stone …

Of course I love my Haagen-Dazs (rum & raisin) and Ben & Jerry’s (chunky monkey) too. But nothing beats our local parlours that produce the freshest and most exotic east-meets-west creations.

My latest ice-cream indulgence was at the Daily Scoop. As I peered at the tubs of colourful goodies, I could see why it’s one of the best in Singapore. I was in ice-cream heaven! Hear this - Kahlua Krunch, Hazelnut Haven, Mocha Mania, Brandied Figs & Honey, black forest cherry, durian, chempedak, jackfruit… I picked Lychee Martini which lived up to its reputation as one of their bestsellers. The velvety smooth ice cream is peppered with chunks of juicy lychee pieces. It’s not too rich and cloying, but oh, so refreshing on a hot afternoon. I wish I’d bought a tub!

No visit to Meidi-ya Japanese supermarket is complete without ordering a scoop of my favourite green tea/red bean flavour from the Japanese ice-cream parlour. Being the more adventurous one, CH always orders a new flavour which he’ll share with me. Thanks to him, I’ve tried black sesame, chestnut and wasabi, but I still like mine the best.

We’ve visited many local parlours with interesting creations. There's one that gamely encourages customers to suggest new flavours. Thanks to the abundant supply of local and imported fruits, we probably have the most unique concoctions you can think of. All I can say is, the more the merrier.

Ting! Ting! Ting! Oh, how can I forget our favourite ice cream man! He comes around the neighbourhood on his motorbike, ringing his bell. He pulls out a block of ice cream from his portable freezer, cut it into slabs and put them between 2 pieces of wafers or bread. He's every kid's best friend!

Eh, I think I solved another mystery today….you know, the middle-aged spread mystery. I should cut down on ice cream? I scream!

In case you're wondering, I indulge in ice cream occasionally. After my weekly run with my best friend, we treat ourselves to soymilk ice cream at Mr Bean. It's healthy and yummy!


Anonymous said...

Yum!! My favorite is Baskin Robbins - Jaimocha Almond Fudge. My gosh I could eat that stuff every day. Especially in the summer.

Blur Ting said...

Oh, we have that here too! It's summer here everyday. You'll be one happy girl!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Hey Hollygl - that is my favorite too!!!!!!!!!!! :)